Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News From Cupcakes Actually

Just a reminder for all you Northern Virginia Cupcake Lovers - Cupcakes Actually has new extended hours AND curbside pick-up!
They started their extended hours last month, with the shop now being open on Friday and Saturday evenings until 11:00pm. Curb side pick-up has also been in effect since September! So if you need your cupcakes in a hurry, be sure to utilize this service! It will be available Thursday-Sunday and may extend through the week once the holiday season starts. All you need to do is call-in your order, pull in to the front of the shop, and they'll run your order out within five minutes.
And also, incase you didn't know, if you use your College ID at Cupcakes Actually you can get 15% off your entire purchase! This offer goes through the fall season, and you MUST have your ID present to receive the discount.

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DC Web Design said...

Cute storefront. I haven't heard of a cupcakery having curb side pickup. What a great idea for them! While I would wait as long as it takes to get a strawberry cupcake @ B&W or a peanut butter cupcake @ Hello Cupcake, curb side pickup is a nice touch! Way to go, Cupcakes Actually!