Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mervis 60K Diamond Cupcakes!

In late April I received an email from from Jonathan Mervis (you know the radio commercials: Mervis Diamond Importers, deep in the diamond mines of Africa, her love, all that good stuff) sharing some pictures of “the world’s first diamond cupcake!” Jonathan and Ronnie Mervis made two of them – frosted with $60,000 worth of diamonds. – to showcase at the Wedding Rings and Diamond Cupcakes Trunkshow earlier this month. Take a look at the cupcakes!

Jonathan Mervis using a diamond loupe to inspect his cupcake! Photos all from

Cupcakes (edible, non-diamond cupcakes!) for the event were provided by Classic Bakery of Gaithersburg, MD. I’ve heard of Classic Bakery before as I’ve had a couple friends get their wedding cakes from there, but never knew they had cupcakes. Classic sells their cupcakes for $1.75/each, though they might only be available by advance order – so call before going by! They didn’t have any pictures on their website, but look at these cute little Tiffany’s boxes they did! Adorable.

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