Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The S'Mores Cupcakes are BACK!

I almost don't even want to post this because I want them ALL for myself...Lola S'Mores Cupcakes are back! Seriously people, these are SO incredibly good, you don't know what you're missing until you have one. These cupcakes are a seasonal item at Lola's, so make sure you go and get one, or ten, before they're gone.
The S'Mores cupcakes are made up of Lola's Milk Chocolate cake, frosted with their rich chocolate ganache and then frosted again with a vanilla-infused marshmallow frosting. After all that, it's topped with graham cracker bits. When you take a bite into this thing, it's like you've entered a rich chocolatey gooey marshmallow heaven.
Go get one! Now! They're available in the bakeshop and this weekend at her farmer's market stand.

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veggievixen said...


what do you know about sprinkles cupcake opening in dc? i want to contact them but have no idea how. thanks.