Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Bacon Cupcake Buzz

I have been waiting and waiting to see who would be the first to bake the Bacon Cupcake in our area - it's been at bakeries in NYC and Chicago for months now - and it looks like we have a winner! Buzz Bakery is whipping, frying up...well, both...the savory treats at their Alexandria shop. Julia Beizer of the Washington Post recently went to have a taste herself, and here is what she had to say:

(This bacon cupcake photo by Zandy Mangold is NOT from Buzz Bakery and was NOT used in the Post Article; it's via NYC's Kumquat Bakery's Blog!)

"You Have to Try This Bacon Cupcakes at Buzz. Open a box of these Buzz Bakery treats and you're greeted with the overwhelming aroma of crispy-fried bacon. The experience is as discordant as it sounds -- until you try one.

The cupcakes themselves, as it turns out, are actually quite tasty. Peanut butter frosting flecked with itty bits of bacon tops a simple moist chocolate cake. It's a marriage of salty and sweet that had all four of our testers wishing only for more bacon in the icing. Seriously.

Buzz pastry chef Josh Short is the mad scientist behind the dessert, which is offered at the Alexandria bakery through at least the end of August. For him, the earthy flavors in the dark chocolate, peanut butter and applewood-smoked bacon tie the cupcake together. For us, the peanut butter played a crucial role, bridging the chasm between breakfast meat and chocolate cake. The cupcake is a food dare -- an I-bet-you-won't-eat-this challenge. If you're a bacon fan, you should."

The cupcakes are $2.75 each, and Buzz Bakery is located at 901 Slaters Lane in Alexandria, Virginia. So if you want to try one, you better hurry! Only 13 days left!!


veggievixen said...

so ridiculous. i get the cupcakes, but not the bacon.

Mike said...

Original and unique. I respect that. It's definitely worth a try...I plan on it.

betty said...

Wonderful,yummy site-thanks for the pictures and info! Betty

amy said...

I've tried and enjoyed both bacon chocolate and bacon ice cream, so I wouldn't turn my nose up at a bacon cupcake. Just wish I lived closer to Alexandria.