Friday, March 13, 2009

Baked & Wired In The Atlantic Magazine

One of the blog readers recently pointed out an article to me in the March ’09 edition of the Atlantic having to do with cupcakes – The Not So Guilty Pleasure.

Photo from Article, Image Credit - Iwan Bagus
Author Corby Kummer believes “a good cupcake has all the frosting you really want at a birthday party but can’t ask for. It’s celebratory but restrained, a suitably small indulgence for tough times. And, surprisingly, a cupcake can be a smaller indulgence than a wholesome-seeming muffin: under the icing, as any baker knows, there’s practically no difference.”
Kummer has tasted cupcakes from New York to DC, and writes that “The only just-right cupcake I’ve found so far was at Baked and Wired, a hip Georgetown café. The plain white icing on its “birthday” cupcake (pictured here) had exactly the right crackle when I bit into it, and the chocolate cake was moist, airy, and not too rich.”
Wow! Quite flattering for B&W! I wonder what he thought of the Strawberry cupcake…pictured above but not mentioned. I think it’s amazing! Nice to see Baked & Wired receiving credit where it’s due!


sugarlens said...

Hi Danielle,

Have you heard about Cupcakes Actually?

Apparently a new cupcakery in town. I haven't tried it yet, but probably will this weekend!

iEatDC said...

I really like B&W, particularly because of the size of their cupcakes. Some other area cupcakeries peddle tiny little things.

Katie said...

Baked & Wired is by far my favorite. I tried Cupcakes Actually this weekend-- cute litlte shop. I tried 4 different kinds-- overall theme: delicious cake, unimpressive whipped frosting.