Monday, June 29, 2009

Georgetown's Strawberry Cupcake

If you're a Strawberry Cupcake lover and have yet to pick one up from Georgetown Cupcake, you better hurry! Tomorrow is the last day of June, and so ends this flavor of the month!

I must say, it was pretty amazing. It has chunks of strawberries both in the frosting and in the cake. The frosting is one of their standard cream cheese frostings and fit perfectly with the fruity cake. Baked & Wired Strawberry cupcakes are still my favorite, but these were very good!


veggievixen said...

it's so cute. i'll have to try it and see if it's better than the one i tried at baked & wired and didn't like.

K said...

Love the ones at Baked & Wired! Looks like the Strawberry flavor is also available in July, hope it's the special flavor that day when I get there.

Danielle said...

Good catch, K! I didn't see that it was on their July schedule. I'll have to do a posting :)