Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello Cupcake Holiday Flavors

Hello Cupcake is featuring 3 holiday flavors – Gingerbread, Hot Buttered Rum, and Candy Cane. I remember HC having Hot Buttered Rum last year and never had a chance to try it; but I’m sure if they’ve brought it back for a 2nd year in a row then it’s a winner!
Above are two pictures from the Hello Cupcake website of their Hot Buttered Rum and Gingerbread Flavors. The Gingerbread flavor is a spicy ginger cake with lemon cream cheese frosting, and the Hot Buttered Rum flavor is made up of rum raisin cake with rum frosting and rum-soaked raisins on top. I didn’t see a picture of the Candy Cane flavor posted on the site, so you’ll have to drop into HC and check it out for yourself!

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