Saturday, December 5, 2009

Open Letter to my Readers

Hi guys! With the recent New York Times article, Yahoo Finance posting, and Channel 9 News interview, I wanted to take a couple minutes to reiterate the purpose of this blog and it’s separation from my business.
When I began this blog back in June 2008 it was to help promote the cupcake scene in the DC Metropolitan Area. I’ve been mentioned in the Washington Post, interviewed by Washingtonian Magazine’s Blogger Beat, Georgetown University’s Weekly News Magazine, as well as NOVA Magazine, and I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t get those interviews by constantly criticizing local bakeries. I got those interviews by visiting as many bakeries as possible, tasting hundreds of cupcakes, constructively critiquing these cupcakes, and relaying my finds to my fellow Washingtonians. I believe people appreciate this blog because when I was still reviewing, I provided genuine, objective, honest reviews, that I think my readers found useful. If readers agreed, they left comments agreeing; if they disagreed, they left comments disagreeing! In the end, I was honest in my opinions and objective in my criticism; I didn’t sugar coat anything. And you know what? I love 90% of the cupcake bakeries in this area! Those of you who have been following me for a while know I am always complimenting flavors from other bakeries – Baked & Wired, Hello Cupcake, Lola’s, the list goes on...
Never once in the 17 month history of this blog have I compared my business or my cupcakes to that of another bakery. I have much admiration and respect for other bakeries and enjoy most all of their cupcakes, and truly believe there is room for us all!
If you compare my critiques to those of Washington Post Food Editor Frank Bruni and his team of taste testers from the Cupcake Wars – our reviews are pretty consistent. Look at the left side of my blog. I list every single cupcakery, store that carries cupcakes, and online cupcake business in the DC/Metropolitan Area. That’s because I am, and always have been, all about helping those bakeries get business and helping grow the popularity of the local cupcake scene.
Since I have started my own business, I have consciously only reported on "cupcake news" and have laid off doing any reviews, with the exception of one at the request of that bakery (who was well aware that I had both a business and a blog and wanted the review for the publicity). I disagree with any beliefs that blogging about what is going on with the cupcake scene in the DC area while trying to run my own business is a conflict of interest. If the people who believe that it is a conflict actually read the posts, they will notice the posts are about who is opening shop, what flavors people are carrying, current specials/promotions, etc. – vital info for DC area cupcake lovers!
Thanks for all your continued support and readership! I love hearing from you guys.
Enjoy this beautiful snow!


JoAnna said...


I love reading your blog and congratulations on the recent publicity!

While I am saddened that I've not seen a review in many many months, I certainly understand and respect your decision in stopping the reviews component of the blog prior to you opening your business. Besides just a couple of negative reviews though (and justifiably so as I've visited each of them to get a taste myself), you've been very supportive of all the cupcakeries in the DC area. Everyone, reader and cupcakery owner alike, has benefited Delleicious DC. For us readers, the news, happenings, etc. in the DC cupcake scene; for cupcake shops, reviews, links to their websites,free publicity, and more.

You are a professional, class act. Even though you have nothing to hide, thank you for your transparency.

Keep up the great work! I look forward to continued reading.

Danielle said...

Thank you, JoAnna! That means a lot :)