Monday, August 18, 2008

Co Co Sala Chocolate Cupcake

Being DC Restaurant Week, I know a lot of locals have been out and about trying new restaurants or visiting their favorites, so I have to ask if anyone has been to Co Co. Sala? Tom Sietsema for the Washington Post recently reviewed the relatively new dessert restaurant, which is how I found out they've got a chocolate cupcake on the menu. Has anyone tried it?
Apparently it's part of the "Childhood Favorites Experience" on the Monde Du Chocolat portion of the evening menu. That "experience" costs you $20, but you can order the "Main Dessert" portion of the experience seperately for $12. Still quite steep for a dessert if you ask me, especially since the cupcake is also a mini.
I have heard good things about this place though...other than it apparently being quite loud and the dinner food not fitting the price tag, the desserts, drinks, and friendly staff make it worth checking out.

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