Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whole Foods Fancy Cupcake

So yesterday I jumped on the Metro to Tenleytown on my lunch break, trekking to Whole Foods to find some edible flowers for the 90 cupcakes I had to frost for a party by 7pm, and while there I finally encountered a Whole Foods Cupcake. Up until now it had been quite elusive; I'm at Whole Foods practically every week and they're always sold out, and I doubt you can place an advance order for one lonely cupcake.
Anywho, there it was: "Fancy Cupcake, $3.49." Whoa, $3.49? Who the hell do they think they are, Sprinkles? Actually wait, aren't Sprinkles Cupcakes only $3.25 each? As I had the lady behind the counter box it up for me, I thought to myself, "this better be damn good."

Well, it wasn't. The only thing I liked about this cupcake was the presentation, and I didn't realize that I forgot to take a picture of it before I tossed it in the trash...oops!

The chocolate cake was very thick and very dry, topped with a thin layer of chocolate ganache frosting. The ganache, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry on top would have to be in every bite to make this cupcake even remotely tolerable, and even then I still wouldn't eat the whole thing. Had the cupcake been moist, I think it could have been pretty good. You could taste that the cake itself was very sweet, but it was just too hard to get past the dryness. This isn't a cupcake I would ever eat again.

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Anonymous said...

Whole Foods cake is overpriced ..'DRY Pore Qulity And as fare as decorating I,v seen decoratores at QFC and Fredmyer for example much better than anything at whole Paycheck.