Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nickell's & Scheffler Strawberry Cupcake

Has anyone ever been to Nickell's & Scheffler in Alexandria? Apparently they make some terrific, moist Strawberry Cupcakes that contain a puree of fresh strawberries. They sell for $2 each (cheaper than most cupcakes around town). I'm interested to see how they compare to Baked & Wired's infamous Strawberry Cupcakes.
Nickell's & Scheffler is a cafe, located in Old Town at 1028 King Street. It's actually been open for six years, and is run by a local couple. Aside from cupcakes, it's sounds like they have a very broad, tasty menu...with everything from soup and paninis to rosemary lemonade and crabcakes. Tasty!
Anyway, if you've been to Nickell's & Scheffler and tried these Strawberry Cupcakes, let the rest of us know what you think!

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