Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rustico's Guinness Cupcake

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While on the topic of obscure Alexandria Cupcakes...who's tried the Guinness Cupcake from Rustico in Alexandria? I've yet to do so myself, and have heard mixed things. I attempted a beer cupcake recipe once, and that was an utter disaster. So I'd be interested to try one that is actually halfway decent.
From what I understand, the Guinness Cupcake is actually made by Buzz Bakery and sold by Rustico (for a lot more $$$)'s not actually available at Buzz. I've heard people refer to it as one of Buzz's "best creations" and a "must-try," to "gross" and "dry." What do you think, worth the trip out to Alexandria?

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Anonymous said...

It's not listed on their menu. Was it a special promotion or something?