Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Balducci's Cupcakes

Oh Balducci's Balducci's Balducci's...you are a disgrace to the cupcake. Let's start from the beginning.

One of my girlfriends tipped me off that Balducci's has cupcakes in their bakery. Being more of a Whole Foods girl myself, I couldn't tell you the last time I was in Balducci's. Anyway, when I was driving down Old Georgetown I decided to swing by and pick up a couple cupcakes so I could share my reviews. The gentleman behind the counter boxed up a Red Velvet and a Cookies n Cream cupcake for me. The two other flavors were Grand Chocolate and Grand Vanilla, but I opted for the more venturesome flavors.

To my dismay, after ringing up my cupcakes the checkout girl proceeded to turn the container upside down, smushing the tops of the cupcakes, and placed it in a bag. ???????????? I kindly told her that is no way to treat a cupcake, and had her go retrieve two new unsmushed cupcakes. Once home, I had some friends over who helped me taste test the cupcakes. Oh the horror.
First we tried the Red Velvet. While some of the word choices aren't quite appropriate for reposting, I will share that one friend choked, one friend ran for a glass of water, another friend used the phrase "worst cupcake I've ever had," and I myself immediately turned to the trash can and spit it out. Well, that was a lovely experience. Next!
Mildly scared for what the Cookies N' Cream cupcake would bring, we each took a piece. The experience was only moderately better. And I only say that because nobody choked, ran for water, or spit it out. The reviews of Cookies N' Cream included "awful," "gross," and "disgusting."
You'd be better off flushing $5 down the toilet than buying cupcakes from Balducci's, at least that would spare you the choking and gagging.

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