Monday, July 28, 2008

Key West Cupcake Store

Alright, after a week of vacation (and thus slacking on blog posts), I'm back! And before I go back to all things cupcake in DC/MD/VA, I have to show you this cupcake bakery I found in Key West. So cute!

It's called Cupcakes & More (from what I saw, the "more" is ice cream and panini's), and is situated by Captain Tony's off of Greene Street (talk about expensive real estate). There were a little over 10 flavors on the menu. I tried to order the Red Velvet and Carrot Cake, but she was out, so I went for the Key Lime & the Pirate.

The Key Lime cupcake was disappointingly dry, and the Key Lime flavor was pretty overwhelming, not to mention a little too much on the sour side. The Pirate cupcake, on the other hand, made up for what the Key Lime lacked; it was a moist chocolate cake with a cherry jam filling and a pink tinted vanilla buttercream frosting. Tasty.
If you have any plans to be in Key West any time soon, you should drop in! The owner doesn't have a website up yet, but said she is working on it. One piece of advice though, either eat the cupcake in the shop or eat it fast outside; that Key West heat will melt frosting faster than you would believe!

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Anonymous said...

Must be gone. Looked today. They're not there. Another brilliant 'non-businessperson' bites the dust in Key West.