Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Walmart Turtle Cupcake

I know this is a blog about DC/MD/VA cupcakes, but when I was in an Indiana Walmart over the weekend and came across this Turtle Cupcake, I couldn't help but buy it to snap some pictures for you guys. And hey, Walmart is everywhere. Actually, did you know there are 20 different Walmarts in a 30 mile radius of DC????? I definitely did not know that.

This Turtle had a brother, but he got decapitated on the car ride back from the I spared you the gruesome pictures. To my surprise, this Walmart cupcake tasted better than the cupcakes I tried from Safeway. It was a buttery and moist yellow cake that paired well with the sugary icing. Average grocery store cupcake, but not bad.

There were quite a few different animals to choose from. There were little dogs with some serious piping detail, armadillo's, and even alligator's. At $1.50 each, they would make cute desserts for a child's birthday party!

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