Monday, June 16, 2008

Safeway Cupcakes

You probably read this title and thought, ew? She's reviewing Safeway cupcakes?? Well tonight while at Safeway buying some bottled water (my house water is still brown as a result of this water main break!!) I wandered into the bakery section and wouldn't you know it, a couple of lonely cupcakes sat in the display window. I couldn't just leave them there! Safeway is part of the DC/Metro area, so I figured they deserved a review too! I had the woman at the counter box them up, and off I went with my cupcakes and Fiji.

$.99/each or $3.49 for four, these cupcakes were the sweet and sugary goodness you would expect from a grocery store cupcake. The batter was obviously a Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker mix, which means it was nothing special, and the icing was sugary and plentiful (typical of a grocery store). While these were no Magnolia masterpiece, all in all the cake and icing made a good combination. If you like your treats to be very sweet, these cupcakes will definitely do the trick. Make sure they're room temperature though, otherwise the icing tastes too creamy.

Presentation? Check. Price? Check. Palatable? Check. Ohmygosh did Safeway just get a better rating than Cakelove? Ouch...

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