Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maggie Moo's Ice Cream Cupcakes

Did you realize that there's absolutely nowhere to get a good cupcake in Ocean City (hint hint, aspiring cupcake entrepreneurs)??? I went into one of the thousands of Candy Kitchens that overrun the town, but nope, nothing.

I did remember however that Maggie Moo's recently jumped in on the cupcake craze and came out with their own line of Ice Cream Cupcakes, and what do you know, there so happened to be a Maggie Moo's in West Ocean City. So after a long day of roasting in the sun at Seacrets, my girlfriends and I ventured onto Route 50 and dropped by the Maggie Moo's. For $8.95, we picked up a 4 pack: 2 "Sprinkles" (Vanilla Ice Cream with Yellow Cake) and 2 "Chocolate Heaven" (Chocolate Ice Cream & Chocolate Cake). We sat down with our spoons and dug in.

We all preferred the Sprinkles flavor over Chocolate Heaven, but both made for really good ice cream cupcakes. As you would expect, they taste exactly like a piece of Ice Cream Cake, just in cute little cupcake form. These would be an adorable alternative to a plain old Ice Cream Cake for a kid's birthday party. They've got a couple other flavors, like Better Batter Cookie Heaven, Cotton Candy Carnival, and their award winning Dark Chocolate ice cream on top of chocolate cake, a marshmallow filling, and topped with real chocolate ganache...mmm! You can even request a custom creation! To get more info on Maggie Moo's Ice Cream Cupcakes, or to find a Maggie's Moo's near you, click here

Two of my girlfriends about to dig in!

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Miss Scarlet said...

those look super yummy