Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Engagement Ring Cupcakes

I came across this cute idea for bridal shower/bachelorette party desserts in Washingtonian Magazine Online. I think it would be even cuter with some pink or turquoise colored frosting!
Take a look:

To make these adorable desserts, you'll need

  • 1 Box Salerno Cookies (or another similarly shaped brand)
  • 1 Bag Regular Size Marshmallows
  • Your favorite cupcake recipe

After the cupcakes have been baked, simply cut one marshmallow into a triangle by slicing a small wedge off of each side, so the top of the marshmallow is the original width but the bottom now ends in a point. Now cut off the tip and now you've got a diamond! Next, take one cookie and cut of a segment the size of the bottom of the marshmallow diamond, but be careful, the cookie breaks easily.

Frost a cupcake and press the butter cookie and marshmallow onto it as pictured above to create an "engagement ring!"

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