Monday, June 23, 2008

Arlington Cupcake Adventures

This weekend while I was in Arlington, I thought I'd swing by The Farmer's Market held every Saturday morning in front of the Courthouse. I've heard that the owner of ShoeBox Oven sets up shop there (since she doesn't have an actual store) to sell her cupcakes. After paying the meter and finding the stand, I was quite disappointed to find that she doesn't sell her cupcakes at the market in the summer months! Apparently the cupcakes can't handle the heat. As a matter of fact, we won't be able to find ShoeBox Oven cupcakes at the Arlington Farmer's Market until November! I should have checked her website can see a list of what she currently has available on Saturdays.

One thing I wanted to share, I found out she makes this crazy cupcake seen below- the Lilliputian. It's a vanilla bean and creme fraiche cupcake topped with fine spun sugar...mmm!
(Picture from
Back to my cupcake travels, at this point I just wanted a cupcake! So my friend and I headed over to Murky Coffee. Murky sells the cupcakes seen below for Justin Stegall, owner of BakeShop DC (who also does not yet have a store location.) Just an FYI for those who've never been - Murky Coffee in Arlington has a HORRIBLE parking situation. There are only 4 or so spots in front of the store, and when you reverse, you better do it quick because you're reversing into traffic onto Wilson Boulevard! Ugh. Anyway, my friend and I parked and headed inside, only to find out that they hadn't received any deliveries from Bakeshop DC, i.e., NO CUPCAKES!
(Picture from Murky Coffee Website - Nick Cho, President, Murky Coffee)
Refusing to give up our cupcake search, we swung by a local Starbucks since I've heard they carry some really tasty Vanilla Cupcakes. But of course, there were no cupcakes to be found!
Cupcakeless, we decided to call it a day and try to forget about our disappointment poolside back in Maryland. Lesson learned - always call ahead!!!

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Sapna said...

How likely is it that you would go to a cupcake shop located in Ballston (Arlington) that's metro accessible? Moist cupcakes along with cookies and other baked goods.