Monday, June 30, 2008

Best Buns Cupcakes

Since we've lately been on the topic of Arlington area cupcakes, here's another one for the bunch! Best Buns Bakery. A cute little fixture in a row of shops and restaurants, Best Buns has indoor and outdoor seating and an array of baked goods & other food. (One of our Meetup group members says their Croissant sandwiches are to die for!) But of course, my main interest is the cupcakes.

I picked out a Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream (top right), Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Buttercream (bottom right), Chocolate Cupcake with Toffee Buttercream (top left), and Chocolate Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting & Coconut Topping (bottom left). Like the cupcakes at Heidelberg, Best Buns’ were huge too!
The chocolate with toffee cupcake tasted more like a thick piece of chocolate cake, but it was still good. The toffee frosting is really rich and the chocolate cake is very dense, but together the frosting and cake made a good combination.
The vanilla cupcake was good; the frosting was creamy, thick, and rich, and the heart shape sprinkles added a nice little crunch.
I liked the chocolate with peanut buttercream much better than the toffee, but the peanut buttercream tasted more like you were eating peanut butter from a jar, and not really like a frosting. It was also a little on the oily side. It wasn’t bad, but I probably wouldn’t get it again.
Last but not least was my favorite of the bunch, the chocolate with cream cheese buttercream and coconut topping. It was nice and sweet, but not too rich.
My overall evaluation of Best Buns? Definitely worth the trip. While these are not the best cupcakes I have had, they certainly are better than many others. Best Buns is in a great location, there's ample parking behind the shops, and the cupcakes themselves are huge, sweet, and filling. If you’ve tried any of the other flavors and would like to comment, please feel free! I’d love to know!

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Ronald said...

Hi! I was craving cupcakes yesterday and discovered Best Buns was close by. How convenient. Not! I should have gone across the river! I chose the chocolate with peanut buttercream & red velvet. I always try red velvet when "testing" new cupcakes as a standard. Anyway, here's the verdict: Larger than standard cupcakes at small cupcake prices. The peanut buttercream frosting had good peanutty flavor, a bit sweet for my taste & a tad grainy. The chocolate cake underneath tasted like it came from a box. The red velvet cake had very little flavor. It was quite dry, as well & stained my mouth a deep red. I can't say I'll be returning.