Friday, June 27, 2008

Mia's Dessert Cupcakes

Last night a couple of my girlfriends and I decided to try Mia's in Bethesda, Maryland. I would link you to their website, but they don't have one! It's next door to Caddies, at 4926 Cordell Avenue. They've got delicious speciality pizzas and some pretty tasty Sangria. But best of all, they've got cupcakes for dessert! With the exception of a few other restaurants, like Rustico in Alexandria or Tabbard Inn in DC, not many restaurants around here carry cupcakes on their dessert this was a nice surprise!
Perched on the counter by the kitchen sits an adorable little cupcake tree with a pastel array of different cupcake flavors. Last night, they had three different flavors...Vanilla with Chocolate Buttercream, Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream, and a Cheesecake Cupcake. My girlfriends and I went with the Vanilla on Vanilla and Cheesecake.

I split the cupcakes into fourths, and we each tried a piece. The Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream was a little dry (probably from sitting out on that cupcake tree), but it had good flavor...almost batter-like...but not in a bad, hasn't been cooked kind of way; it was sweet. The buttercream could have been a little sweeter and thicker, I think it got a little melty from sitting out. When the sun is setting, it shines right into the restaurant and actually directly onto where the cupcakes were sitting.
Next was the Cheesecake Cupcake! Half cheesecake, half cupcake, this one was really good! The topping was a tasty whip cream that paired perfectly with the cupcake. The cheesecake portion was delicious, and the cake half actually tasted more like a flourless chocolate cake. It was very rich, and very good.
The cupcakes were $2.50 each, which is cheaper than your average bakery cupcake. Overall, Mia's is definitely worth the trip. Good pizza, good cupcakes!

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