Friday, November 14, 2008

Bubble Bath Cupcakes

This holiday season, everyone is cashing in on cupcakes! My friend Eve sent me the link to these "Bubble Cupcakes" from Bath & Body Works. They even come in standard and mini size! Take a look:

The product description reads: "For a sweet treat, indulge in a fat-free, no-calorie Delish Bubble Bath Cupcake. Each cupcake is handcrafted in the USA, using the highest quality ingredients to ensure a tranquil, blissful experience. Once you begin filling your tub, simply place the bubble bath cupcake under the running water. Let the sweet aroma melt all your cares away as the long-lasting bubbles hydrate your skin."

The single cupcake with pink frosting (seen above) apparently smells like buttery vanilla, and the single cupcake with white frosting smells like yellow cake. Mmmm! And check out these little mini's below:

The mini flavors are Cotton Candy, Lemon Fluff, Creamy Vanilla, Oh Honey, Fruit Sorbet and Birthday Cake. They'd make great stocking stuffers!


Anonymous said...

I tried the cupcakes from bath and body works and they were ok. Definitely not worth the price though, and the bubbles are NOT long-lasting. In fact, there are hardly any bubbles at all. I'll stick to regular bubble bath!

Danielle said...

Bummer! I hate bath bubbles that disappear in 2 minutes! Thanks for the heads up :)