Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Starbucks Red Velvet Cupcakes

Finally! After 7 months of hunting, I found a Starbucks Cupcake! Well technically my friend Lauren found it, but either way, I got it! And I was pleasantly surprised.

This was the only cupcake they had that wasn't a Cheesecake Factory Cupcake: a Red Velvet Cupcake with Chocolate Truffle Filling, and it was great! One thing though, I thought the cake itself tasted fantastic without the filling. I don't think the filling hurt the flavor, but I could have done without it.

The frosting did the job - not too sweet, but not something you want to eat by the spoonful either. The whole package was very fresh and moist, and after finishing the last bite, I realized I thought it tasted more like a really good sugar cookie than your average Red Velvet cupcake! Would I eat this cupcake again? Most definitely!


Bryce said...

I'm dying to know where you picked up this little gem of a cupcake!!!

Stabucks + Cupcakes= DOUBLE TROUBLE

Danielle said...

Ah! I can't believe I forgot to mention that! This cupcake is available at the Starbucks in the Barnes & Noble Bookstore (upstairs) in Bethesda, MD. I've been in two other Starbucks in Bethesda just this week who don't carry any cupcakes at all, so I would definitely call before going to a random Starbucks to find them :)

Lauren said...

How many calories? I've looked everywhere and can't find that info.

ladyheather10 said...

Starbucks does not carry the same pastries that Barnes & Noble Cafes do, though some are similar. (Note: B&N Cafes are owned and run by B&N, not Starbucks.This is why they can carry products from The Cheesecake Factory and do not accept Sbux gift cards.)
It is pretty difficult to find nutrition info on the B&N products, but you can check in stores. They are required to keep that information on hand.
However, Starbucks will be introducing a red velvet cupcake by February. You can find that nutrition info online or in stores once they are available.

Lesley said...

Starbucks has started their Valentines Cupcake feature.I just bought a red velvet one today, it was horrible. The frosting was edible but had a stron lemon flavor and the cake was very very dry.

Ellen said...

I agree with Lesley..the Red Velvet cupcake from Starbucks (the chain) is TERRIBLE! For one thing it is dry...for another it is not cream cheese frosting..you just cannot use buttercream on a red velvet cupcake! BUT the one from the B & N/Starbucks cafe that is from The Cheesecake Factory is the BOM!!! Best cupcake I've ever had!