Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cakelove Election Day Discount

Not that I like to promote anything having to do with Cakelove since I think their cupcakes are awful, but for those of you who disagree, walk yourself on over to their 15th & U Street location and flash your "I Voted" sticker to get $1 off your cupcakes.
(And just an FYI - Here's a couple other Election Day Food Freebies: Show your sticker at Krispy Kreme and get a free donut, show it at Starbucks and get a free tall coffee, show it at California Tortilla for a free Taco, show it at Ben & Jerry's from 5-8pm for a free scoop of ice-cream, and last but not least, some Chick-fil-a's are giving away a free original sandwich to voters, but only if you turn in your sticker!)
Unrelated to the election, they're also running a promotion to Celebrate their 6th Birthday where you can buy 5 cupcakes and get the 6th one free. One catch though - you can only get this special on the 6th of each month.


Stop Smoking said...

You gotta love this! I actually saw quite a number of stores with similar offers around town! So keep your eyes open today.

Anonymous said...

I love Cakelove