Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cupcake Trinket Boxes

I found out about these cute cupcake trinket boxes through one of the blog readers, Linda L. Linda recently picked one up at a local Hallmark store and wanted to share them with the rest of us.
Here's a description of the colorful little boxes:
Crafted of ceramic with bread dough trim, our cupcake trinket boxes come packed in a gift box - ready to give. Loaded with colorful sprinkles, jelly beans or frosting, each cupcake boxes by Ganz bursts with different personality, color and fun.
Wrap up tiny jewelry, special notes or small gifts with style. Any small gift gets noticed packed inside our cupcake trinket boxes.
Cupcake trinket boxes include: Happy Birthday, It's a Boy, It's a Girl, Congratulations, and Get Well. We can also special order the following: Thinking of you, You're Special, Thank you, I Love you, Good Luck, Happy Anniversary, and Celebrate.
Frosted Cupcake Jewelry Trinket Boxes (3-1/2D x 4-1/2H)
You can find these little treasures online at the Bay Village Store.


Katie said...

I also saw them at the Wegman's in Fairfax this weekend!

natalie said...

too cute! in case you haven't seen them yet, urban outfitters has a cupcake cookie jar! if you click on their kitchen accessories link you'll find it there!