Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MallowDrama Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Don't be left out in the cold this Valentine's Day! Check out MallowDrama's special cupcake offerings, available February 8-15, to celebrate with your friends or loved ones.

MallowDrama has created four distinctive designs for Valentine’s Day, available in two delicious flavors: Red Velvet iced with Vanilla Buttercream; and Spicy Chocolate topped with Cinnamon Ganache.
Each collection includes 2 Red Velvet cupcakes and 2 Spicy Chocolate cupcakes and is available for $14. Order a dozen cupcakes for just $33! Vegan or gluten-free cupcakes (Spicy Chocolate only) are available for Valentine's Day by special order. Single cupcakes can be purchased for $3.50 each at Dinner Zen, February 12-14.
Small Talk
Each cupcake in the Small Talk collection is decorated with a conversation heart and made of fondant and hand-lettered by MallowDrama's chefs. They'll get the message with cupcakes that say: HI QT, UR SWEET, CALL ME, BE MINE.

I Love You More

Sentiments included in the I Love Your More collection include: MARRY ME, 4EVER YOURS, SAY YES, I DO.

Not at All in Love

Enjoy these with your friends - you can even share one with your ex if you'd like: I'M OVER U, UR 2 GOOD FOR HIM, U KNOW WHAT U DID, 2 HOT 2 HANDLE.

Sleep Tight

Each cupcake in this collection is topped with white chocolate lingerie that we have hand-piped and hand-painted. Colors and designs vary.

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