Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Juicy Cupcake Merchandise

When I was looking up the prices on those Juicy Couture Charms in the posting below, I came across some more Juicy Cupcake items, you know, incase you're looking for a way to spend those giftcards from the holidays!
Juicy Couture Candy Filled Cupcakes
What's better than nine silicone cupcake molds filled with a variety of Gummi Bears, Fruit Chews, Runts, Jelly Beans, Gumballs & Sour Patch Kids!? All this comes packaged in a Juicy Couture Cupcake Box, and you can currently find it on sale for $24.90 at Nordstrom by clicking here.
Juicy Couture Yorkie & Candy Filled Cupcake
If the last one was too much candy for you, there's this adorable Pink Yorkie Stuffed Animal that comes holding a silicone cupcake mold filled with Gumballs! This little guy is on sale at Nordstrom as well, for $27.90. Click here to check it out.
Juicy Couture Logo Boyshorts with Cupcake Gift Box
Sold individually, these logo-printed boyshorts are sweetly gift-boxed with a silicone cupcake liner at $18/each. Sorry, no sale here!

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