Monday, January 12, 2009

DC Area Obama Cupcake Round Up

For all you who will be in town for the Inauguration, I've rounded up where you can get your Obama Cupcakes! Check out the list below to see if your favorite bakery is making Obama Cupcakes. I myself will be escaping all the madness and heading to Indiana!
Baked & Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007
B&W will be serving up some really cool treats for Inauguration Day. The flavors that will be decorated are Red Velvet, Karen's Birthday, Vanilla/Vanilla, and Chocolate Doom! The prices will stay at $3.50/each. Aside from cupcakes, B&W will be making their “Big Ass Cookie,” which is an iced sugar cookie that will have fun sayings on them like, "Obama for your Mama, Barack and Roll, Change, Yes We Did, Sir Obamalot,” and well, you get the jist!

They’ll be open from 7am to 8pm next Tuesday, and will also have a TV set up so customers can watch the swearing in and any festivities!
Charm City Cupcakes
326 N Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
CCC will be selling the Obama Cupcakes you see below, along with a really cute limited edition cupcake/Inauguration T-shirt! 100% Cotton and in White, they come in both long-sleeve ($21.95) and short-sleeve ($17.95). Printed on the front: “The 2 Hottest Things in America” and on the back: A cupcake with an Obama-like campaign symbol. You can also purchase one online by clicking here!
2805 M Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007
Just voted DC'S Best Bakery by MSN Network 2008
Box of 6 Custom Obama Cupcakes $25
1209 Potomac Street NW, Washington, DC
Available every day during Inauguration Week & by Special Order all month
2150 N. Culpeper Street Arlington, VA 22207
Heidelberg will have Red-White-Blue Patriotic Themed cupcakes available for purchase in honor of Obama's Inauguration. Call ahead for availability!
1351 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036
Very Berry Obama: An explosion of red and blue berries in our moist vanilla cake, topped with tangy/sweet vanilla cream cheese frosting, “stars and bars” sprinkles, and an American flag.
Red Velvet Cupcakery
675 E. Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004
Red Velvet Cupcakery is mixing up the most original Inauguration-themed cupcake in DC: The Big Kahuna. This will be a Hawaiian (Obama’s place of birth) inspired pineapple cake with coconut frosting and a Hawaiian sea-salt topping. No photos available yet as the cupcake is still in production! Since I will be out of town for Inauguration, if anyone snags one of these guys, be sure to take a picture and send it my way!
If you know of any who are not on this list, please share and I'll be happy to add them!


Ms. Cupcake said...

Hi Danielle. I found a news release about Fluffy Thoughts Bakery in Virginia. Obama Inauguration Cupcakes I so wish I could be there next week.

SkiptomyLou said...

Check out these free printable cupcake toppers I posted at AlphaMom so you can make your own Inauguration cupcakes!


Cupcake Jane said...

I was very disappointed to discover yesterday that ACKC in Del Ray stopped selling Couture Cupcakes. I will, of course, still go to ACKC, as it is basically my favorite place in the world, but it was still a very sad day.
~Cupcake Jane,