Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Georgetown Cupcake Charm Bracelet Collection

Seriously, how cute is this?
Georgetown Cupcake has come out with their own charm bracelet! They're promoting this charming little thing for Valentine's Day, so scoop one up for your cupcake lover! And even better, tie it to a box of cupcakes!
The charms come in handpainted sterling silver, and from what I gather you can choose from Georgetown Cupcake's 12 most popular flavors: Red Velvet, Chocolate & Vanilla, Key Lime, Lemon Berry, Chocolate PB Swirl, Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Coconut, Carrot, Vanilla Squared, Chocolate Squared, and Lava Fudge.
The Sterling Silver charms are $45/each, the Sterling Silver Open Toggle Clasp Charm Bracelet is $75, the Sterling Silver 18" Cable Chain is $30, and the Sterling Silver 16" Cable Chain is $25.
Just to put the prices in perspective for you, charms from a name brand like Juicy Couture range anywhere from $38 to $52 each. Juicy Couture's Cupcake Charm (seen below, towards the bottom left) is 14K Silver Plated Brass with a crystal on top and sells for $38. Juicy's 7.5" Silver Plated Brass Toggle Clasp Charm Bracelet goes for $45.

For shipping information or to place an order for Georgetown Cupcake Charms & Charm Bracelet, you can call 202.333.8448 or email


pink23 said...

why are they charging more than juicy couture which is known already to be overpriced. i wish they would be kinder to their loyal customers

Danielle said...

I have to agree. I compared them to Juicy Charms to show people just that - that $45 is quite steep. They should have some sort of frequent buyer card or something that gets their loyal customers a perk every now and then, like a free cupcake or $x dollars off a charm!

Anonymous said...

I actually got a charm for my niece and she just loves it! In fact, my sister tells me she never wants to take it off. I thought the price was right. They are unique and very special and not like the usual gifts you find at the mall. I can't wait to go back and get my niece another charm to add to her collection!

MARY IN MD said...


Tayler said...

I just got a Red Velvet charm (it has a cute little heart on top!) and I am obsessed with it! I walked in to get a cupcake and left with a charm!

When I got home, my roommates were fawning over it, so I bought them each one for Christmas and they won’t take their charms off!

It is a great purchase because it is classy, but fun! It is a much more unique gift than a JUICY charm, and IT SUPPORTS A GREAT LOCAL BUSINESS. I am a loyal customer to Georgetown Cupcake!

Danielle said...

very good points, Taylor! At first glance (at the price tag) it may come across as pricey, but it is in support of a great local business! And who doesn't want to support cupcakes!?

suitablegirl said...

I *love* charm bracelets, but I'm with pink23-- I think the charm prices are unreasonable for such a relatively unknown, niche brand.

Danielle, if GTC is smart, they'd take your excellent suggestion. Discounted charms would be a kind gesture which says they appreciate loyalty. They could also offer something like a limited edition charm available only to their loyalest customers, etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself ---its pricey