Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5,600 Cupcake Art Installation at the Smithsonian

So I think I’ve been procrastinating on writing this blog post because I am SO bummed out that I’m not going to be here for it! Seriously, it pains me!!! Myself aside, you all deserve to have all the details!

As some of you may have heard, the very talented Zilly Rosen was recently asked by the Smithsonian to create a cupcake image for Family Fun Day this Saturday for the President’s Day activities in honor of Obama’s election & Lincoln’s 200th Birthday. You might remember Rosen as the woman who put together the amazing 1,240 cupcake portrait of Obama last month (see below).

Photograph of Zilly Rosen & her Obama Portrait from ZillyCakes.com
This weekend’s cupcake image will span 9 ft x 14 ft (hxw), and will be made up of over 5,600 cupcakes. The design, “A New Birth of Freedom,” includes the faces President Obama and Abraham Lincoln with an American Flag behind them. Rosen says she's using 17 colors and variations to create the image.
Visitors can view the installation from noon through 5pm this Saturday February 14th from the mezzanine levels of the Smithsonian’s Luce Foundation Center. Following the Presidential Family Fun Day activities, visitors can flock to the Kogod Courtyard to take part in the de-installation of the artwork, aka, eat one of the cupcakes!
If you go, please take pictures to share with the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

We were there when they were creating the artwork!

Reston Kathy said...

We were lucky to be there to see the artwork, take photos, talk with Zilly Rosen, and eat a cupcake. It was a fun experience, and the cupcake was delicious! How do I post pictures? I'm new at this Blog stuff...