Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello Cupcake Sweet Tart Cupcake

In continuing the run down of Valentine’s Day cupcakes this week, Hello Cupcake has their Sweet Tart Cupcake available from now through Saturday, February 14th. The Sweet Tart is a Pink Lemonade Cake topped with sweet lemon cream cheese frosting, and finished off with pink, white, and red hearts. If it’s anything like their You Tart cupcake, I’m sure it’s great!

Hello Cupcake’s Cherry Blossom cupcakes (an old photo, but thought it went well with the Valentine’s theme!)

By the way, I found out through one of the blog readers, Bryce, that Hello Cupcake has a frequent buyer card called Bakers Dozen! Yup. Buy 12 cupcakes and get one free! So buy 12 for someone special this Valentine’s Day, and save the freebie for yourself ;)

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Anonymous said...

I tried this cupcake because I love the lemon you tart cupcake so much, but it was a disappointment. It tastes like the powder used to make instant pink lemonade.