Thursday, February 5, 2009

Williams Sonoma Perfect Ending Valentines Cupcakes

Williams Sonoma is back with their holiday-themed cupcakes, this time for Valentine’s Day of course. As with their Christmas cupcakes, they are using Perfect Endings, the Napa Valley boutique, as their supplier. The three flavors they’re offering up this Valentine’s Day are Red Velvet topped with vanilla icing and white sprinkles, Chocolate cake frosted with chocolate ganache and dark chocolate sprinkles, and Chocolate Caramel which is a chocolate cake topped with Chocolate Caramel buttercream and milk chocolate sprinkles.
The cupcakes are sold in a set of 9 (3 of each flavor) via the internet/catalog only, and go for $69.00. To ensure freshness, they are shipped overnight from the supplier. The website says that for Valentine’s Day delivery, order by 5pm Monday, February 9, 2009.
Also available at Williams Sonoma this Valentine’s Day is their Crown Heart Cupcake Pan and Special Set. The pan produces six large cupcakes crowned with heart shaped tops. The Special Set includes the cupcake pan and their Valentine Fondant & Cutters Kit, for decorating the cupcakes with words and/or numbers.
The pan alone sells for $24, while the Special Set sells for $49.95. Take a look at the pan though…the cupcake still bakes in normal cupcake shape so you can use normal cupcake liners, which is smart, since I have never actually seen a heart shaped cupcake liner…but then again, you’d have to be super careful about baking so you don’t burn that thin heart shaped top. Wouldn’t it still be pretty fragile though, even if you didn’t burn it? Has anyone ever used this pan before?


PhillyGirl said...

While those W-S cupcakes admittedly "look" good (kinda like GC's).. but... there is no way I'm paying $7.67 plus tax for each one. I'll just stick to paying the gas to Georgetown, some coins in the meter, and $3.50 plus tax for one that I KNOW is good. LOL

Danielle said...

Seriously. They are INSANELY expensive. $7.67 a cupcake, plus tax, and I don’t think that price includes shipping. Cute, but no way!