Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Williams Sonoma Perfect Endings Easter Cupcakes

Keeping up with their holiday cupcakes from Napa Valley bakery Perfect Endings, Williams Sonoma has these cutesy cupcakes available from now through Easter.
They come in a set of 9, 3 of each flavor - Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake frosted with Chocolate Ganache and scattered with chocolate sprinkles; Vanilla Poundcake swirled with Vanilla Buttercream and sprinkled with white jimmies; and Vanilla Cake slathered with Lemon Icing and topped with pastel yellow jimmies.
I think they are rather (okay, extremely) expensive ($69 plus shipping), but hey, had to share!


PhillyGirl said...

At $6.56 plus tax ($59 for 9), WS can pound rocks.. I went to Starbucks today and got four cupcakes for a little over $6.00 (<$1.50 each plus tax).. I got two Red Velvets, one vanilla with vanilla frosting, and one chocolate. Dare I say that they were moist, scrumptious, and on a desperate day (don't-want-to-drive-to-Georgetown-kinda-day), they rival GCs.. yes, I said it! :0

Danielle said...

I couldn't agree more about the cost of these cupcakes!

Summer said...

That is outrageous decadence at its worst. Who buys those things?