Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just Cakes Cupcakes at Chevy Chase Supermarket?

I was going through some old magazines tonight, and when looking through my December Bethesda Magazine, saw an advertisement saying that Just Cakes Cupcakes are now available at the Chevy Chase Supermarket. Has anyone seen them there?

Wedding Cupcakes photo from Just Cakes Website

UPDATE: Looks like this is no longer the case! Thanks to reader Kate, I've found out Chevy Chase Supermarket used to carry Just Cakes Cupcakes, but no longer does. Bummer! Thanks for the tip, Kate!


veggievixen said...

no, but that would be awesome!

Kate said...

I went over to CCM just yesterday to try to pick up some cupcakes, but sadly they no longer sell them! :(