Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spotted: Starbucks Cupcakes

When I was doing a little shopping at Tysons Galleria on Saturday afternoon, I stopped at the Starbucks and what do you know - cupcakes! I haven't seen these yet...Vanilla Bean and Double Chocolate (and no, these were not the Cheesecake Factory cupcakes).
Had I not pigged out at the Red Velvet Cupcakery Meetup earlier in the day, I definitely would have picked one up, but I just couldn't do it. Has anyone tried them?? I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for Starbucks Valentines Day cupcakes!


PhillyGirl said...

Got the Red Velvet cupcake at the Starbucks in Beacon Hill (Alexandria) last night. The frosting was a little bit sweeter than I expected but overall it was very good. The cake was moist and tasted as if it had cocoa in it(not all of them do). I'd definitely get it again.

Anonymous said...

I tried a double chocolate cupcake at one of the McPherson Square Starbuckses the other day. It was quite tall, for one thing, and a little ... i guess i'd say oily? The kind of cake that gets chocolate smudges all over your fingers and kind of falls apart. The icing was a little too sweet, like PhillyGirl says, but at $1.85 it's not a total waste of money, and it was a reasonably decent fix for my cupcake craving. Not my favorite, but not, as Cher might say, completely unfortunate :-)