Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cupcake Goodies!

Check out the latest in cupcake-related goodies from the retail world:
This Cherry-topped "Choose Juicy" cupcake bank, is 6.25"Dia. and 5.5"T. It sells for $45 and you can find it at Neiman Marcus by clicking here.
I love all things cupcake, but this Steuben Celebration Cupcake is perhaps the most frivolous and absurdly priced cupcake-related thing I have ever seen, so of course I had to share it with you. The product description reads this tasty, fine crystal objet is crowned with a semiprecious garnet cherry for just a touch of color. Ours exclusively, it is handcrafted in the USA. 2 2/5"H x 3" diameter. This "fine crystal object" will put you out a nice $950 plus tax. Enjoy.
Now this is cute! The Baby Bunch Infant Girls' Romper Cupcake Box Sets are a perfect baby shower gift! The box contains 3 colored rompers and 3 white rompers, which are all decorated with removable stickers of flowers and fruit. All cupcake boxes arrive tied with a ribbon bearing a gift tag. The box set is $55, and you can find it at Bloomingdales.
The cheapest thing on this list? Cupcake Bandages! The description says What's better than a treat to turn that boo-boo into a woo-hoo? Sweet cupcake bandages are sold by the dozen and packaged in a tin with a surprise inside! At the very least, they'll certainly take your mind off things (like the trip to the ER, blinding pain, etc.). Urban Outfitters sells them for $7, and the box includes 12 cupcake-shaped bandages and a prize.

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