Monday, September 8, 2008

Cupcakes in the Express

Yea yea, everyone keeps calling cupcakes a trend. I guess it's better cupcakes are more often referred to as a trend than as a fad, as trends are interpreted to have more staying-power than a fad. But come on people, cupcakes have been around forever! How can food be a trend? Dessert never goes out of style!
The Washington Post's Express ran an article on Friday last week, "Cupcakes - Trendy But So Delicious." Express writer Fiona Zublin talked about the "newest cupcake hot spot," Hello Cupcake. The good thing is that she gave it a nice review! She says Hello Cupcake's De Lime and De Coconut is her favorite flavor, calling it "moist and perfect," as she claims it's "nothing like the grainy stuff available at some other D.C. bakeries, where frosting is king and the cake beneath is an afterthought." I would have to agree with that. She raves about the frosting too.
Nice review, Fiona, but I'm sure Penny Karas and other cupcakery owners didn't necessarily enjoy reading the glowing review and then seeing that you finished the article by calling them a "twee trend!"

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