Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lily Lane Cakes at Stacey's Coffee Parlor

Stacey's Coffee Parlor is no longer carrying Le Cupcake; but never fear northern virginians, Lily Lane Cakes is the new cupcake in town! Kathy Mingledorff, owner of Lily Lane Cakes, will be taking the slot at Stacey's Coffee Parlor. How exciting!

Alex's Chocolate Monkeycakes

You can usually find about 2-3 Lily Lane flavors available each week at Stacey's Coffee Parlor, and Kathy is sure to update her website to let customers know what will be at the coffee shop on any given day. If you check out the Lily Lane website, you can see a little preview of the flavors, like Apple Ala Mode and Alex's Chocolate Monkeycakes, as well as a gallery of custom creations.

Stay tuned to the blog for more on Kathy and Lily Lane Cakes in the very near future!

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