Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wasington Post Cupcake Taste Test

It looks like Joe Yonan, the Food Editor of the Washington Post, has taken it upon himself to conduct a six-week cupcake taste test in and around the nation's capital in order to find the best cupcake in town. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Sticky Fingers Cupcakes, Photo Credit - The Washington Post (James Thresher)
One of the bakeries Yonan has tried so far is Sticky Finger's Bakery in Columbia Heights (where our DC/Metro Cupcake Group had our second meetup). He says that "Sticky Fingers's cookie cupcake earned high marks for presentation, but the taste just didn't win us over." I would have to agree. When I tried a couple different flavors back in July for our meetup, the cake and the frosting had a very flour-like taste to them and weren't something I would eat again.

Cakelove Cupcakes, Photo Credit - The Washington Post (James Thresher)
The other bakery Yonan has sampled is (gag) Cakelove/Love Cafe (same thing). Yonan tried a couple different flavors, one of which he writes "The thin layer of ganache-like frosting gave this CakeLove cupcake a Boston Creme Pie look, but the dry dessert had nothing else in common with its creamy counterpart." Of the second cupcake he tried, Yonan says "a tart cream-cheese frosting kicked this CakeLove cupcake up a notch. It scored a 4.5 on our 10-point scale." Kicked it up a notch to still score less than 5 out of 10 points? Hahahahaha. That pretty much sums up what everyone has said all along about Cakelove - gross, dry and a waste of money. Yonan also adds that "LoveCafe is hardly generous with its frosting. A thin shmear can hardly quench a dry cupcake."
I like this guy! Stay tuned for more of his cupcake adventures in days to come.

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aims said...

I haven't tasted the Sticky Fingers cupcake, but I have a problem with comparing these two cupcakes. Here is a comment I posted at a later blog entry here:

I think that comparing a "regular" cupcake to a vegan cupcake is unfair. It's like comparing apples to oranges because the rules are a bit different. Vegan bakers are limited to what they can use in their product whereas a "traditional" baker has no boundaries. Yes, butter tastes better, has a better mouthfeel than oil. I think the Post should compare vegan vs. vegan as a separate cupcake war.

I have tried the CakeLove cupcake and I agree with the meager smear of buttercream on the cupcake and the dryness of the cake itself. Very disappointing. How can you justify paying over $3 for this? I've never gone back. As for the specialty cakes they are better (I've tasted a couple, but can't remember which ones), but he charges about $7 for a slice. I don't mind paying that much if it is served on a regular plate and eaten with a real fork with a place to sit. I think the fame has gone to his head and doesn't have a good rein on his product or hospitality.