Thursday, September 11, 2008

More on the Cupcake Wars

Earlier this week I did a post about the six week taste test being conducted by Food Editor Joe Yonan over at the Washington Post. Click here for a link to the article than ran in yesterday's Post, which mentions Delleicious DC!

When I originally posted that blog entry, I thought it was Jim Thresher who was conducting the oh-so-tasty-test, but as I found out from yesterday's article it's Joe Yonan, who's work I've referenced before like in my post about the cupcakes at Organic to Go! Anyway, I just wanted to clarify since the Cupcake Wars are Joe's brainchild, so I thought he deserved credit :)
That being said, here's an excerpt from yesterday's article on how the six week taste test is being done - "[we're] taste-testing and scoring the range of cupcakes from two bakeries a week, choosing one from each as our favorite. (For the budget-conscious, we're also weighing them and calculating the price per ounce.) Then, after visiting a dozen places, we'll stack up the favorites in a final round of tasting and pick an overall winner: Washington's best cupcake." Click here to read the rest of the article, where Joe breaks down everything about Week 1's bakeries: Cakelove and Sticky Fingers. Through a nifty little chart, Joe fills readers in on the story behind each bakery, their range of flavors, the cupcake prices (and price per ounce), size, and taste, as well as what he thinks is the "Best of the Bunch." It doesn't get more detailed than that!
Stay tuned to the Washington Post and the blog to see what Joe and his team think of DC's hottest cupcake spots!

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aims said...

I think that comparing a "regular" cupcake to a vegan cupcake is unfair. It's like comparing apples to oranges because the rules are a bit different. Vegan bakers are limited to what they can use in their product whereas a "traditional" baker has no boundaries. Yes, butter tastes better, has a better mouthfeel than oil. I think the Post should compare vegan vs. vegan as a separate cupcake war.